The Impossible Project—keepers of the SX70 flame—has had a tough go of it, and its name has, at times, seemed a little too on-the-nose. The company’s first films, released in mid-2010, were maddening to use, and some of them produced images that degraded to nothing within days. Every iteration of Impossible’s product gets a little better, however, and this week we saw the first photos on Impossible’s latest film, called PX70. Here’s a test image, by Flickr user Manfred von Koreander (his copyright; click through here to see more):

If I didn't know better, I'd say this was Polaroid film. It's not.














More test photos here.

It is too soon to say Impossible has all its problems licked (opacification being the big one). But it has come a loooooong way from those early products. This film looks almost as clean as Polaroid’s own 600. I am impressed, hopeful, and heartened. I am also headed down to the Impossible store, to get some of this stuff for myself. Nice work, guys. Keep it coming.

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  1. Jalene says:

    That’s a clever aesnwr to a tricky question

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