A few people have asked about getting books signed, and (budgets being what they are these days), I’m not exactly going to be touring internationally to promote this book. So here’s an alternative. If send me a copy of your receipt at bonanos@polaroidland.net, I’ll send you an inscribed bookplate that you can apply to your book.

But wait! There’s more!

Buy twenty copies, and I’ll send you an original Polaroid photo with the twenty bookplates.  And here’s how we’ll make it fun: When you send your receipt, you can offer me a word of your choosing, and I will photograph something related to that word in New York City. For example, if you offer the word “foam,” it might be a photo of crashing surf, or a field of Styrofoam peanuts, or a bubbly glass of root beer, or some dude frothing at the mouth. Every photo will be unique, and a surprise.


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  1. miles nadal says:

    Christopher , I am fascinated by the Subject Matter contained in your story.

    Today my company MDC Partners is the 8th Largest Advertising and Marketing Services Firm in the World .
    We have Billings of over 6 Billion Dollars and almost 14,000 Employees.

    But my roots , going back over 30 years ago , was as a Toronto Based Photographer.

    I am Passionate about Photography and always loved and Used Polaroids.

    I would like to host a Book Launch at The MDC Partners Innovation Center in NY.
    We are Located at 745 5th Avenue , above Bergdorf Goodmans , beside the Apple Store.

    I would also like to Buy 500 Autographed copies of the Book.

    Please provide me with contact info so we can coordinate.

    I am one of those truly Avid Photographers who is passionate about your Book Initiative.

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