Does the logo for Nationwide Insurance remind you of anything?


When this logo was launched in in 1999, the Website Business First described it thus: “The focus of the brand campaign will be an unusual new logo … a picture frame with the word ‘Nationwide’ on the bottom. Nationwide says the frame will be a ‘living logo’ that can feature customer images or anything else the company wants to highlight.” I wonder whether Polaroid—admittedly, in pretty bad shape by then, but still a billion-dollar company with a sizable team of lawyers and an interest in its own trade dress—had anything to say about it.

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  1. NY Mag must have a bushel of Trademark/Copyright lawyers, and the Impossible Project too. If not, I can recommend one in Boston. What weakens the case is that Polaroid was just a sick puppy in 1999. There should have been a lawsuit back then. I’m sure there would have been, if the company had enough life left to protect the brand. But was it perceived as a brand or did history make that happen? Seems to me a number of lawyers would jump at the opportunity, even at the risk of ending up losing, because it would be a highly visible case.

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