Apologies for vanishing, these past couple of weeks: busy season at work, plus some outside jobs and lots of bookselling going on. A short roundup:

• The Paper of Record makes our existence official: we’re featured, at some length, on the New York Times’s Lens blog.

• Last Sunday’s Washington Post business section features a longish story I wrote about the lessons Eastman Kodak can take from its predecessor in bankruptcy.

• The interview with WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show finally happened, after being deferred a week or so by Hurricane Sandy. You can listen to the results here.

• Another public-radio interview here, with WICN of Worcester, Massachusetts.

•And, finally, the smallest victory of the bunch, but one I love: I spotted the book in the window of the Paul Smith store on Fifth Avenue in New York, where I am a regular shopper. Smith is, fittingly enough, known for his colored stripes—same as a certain photography company. Here’s how INSTANT looked in the window:

Of course I had to shoot it with a Polaroid camera. That’s the Impossible Project’s excellent new PX680CPF film, by the way.



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  1. Bill Warriner says:

    A nice touch in the NYT piece by Matt McCann is the “Are we there yet?” angle. Good catch.

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