Anyone know anything about this? Reportedly, this vacation house in Jamaica, called Hummingbird Hill, was built for Edwin Land. The house’s Website doesn’t confirm it, and neither does anything Google pulls up.

If it’s true, I have to assume that the house was mostly used by Terre and the girls, because Land had to be coaxed to take vacations—many, many stories revolve around his workaholism. But it does look mighty nice, particularly that corrugated zingy mid-century roofline.  I’d stay there—and in fact I can, apparently, because it’s rentable. Not terribly expensive, either: $1,000 per week for couples, with services of caretaker, housekeeper, and cook included. If the book hits the best-seller list, I just might.

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3 Responses to Polaroidland South

  1. Bill Warriner says:

    Never heard of it – tried John & Mary McC or Ted?

  2. What led you to believe there was a Land connection? I enjoy your Polaroid nerdness. That’s a compliment.

  3. admin says:

    Random post in the comments thread of that Wired Q&A I did. Someone said something like “my friend owns a house in Jamaica that was built for Land,” and linked to the house’s Website.

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