We had quite a week in the publicity division of Polaroidland: The list of media hits keeps on growing. (Once again: All hail Diane Levinson, admiral-class book publicist.)  Quick rundown of the past three days’ clips:

A long, really nicely executed Q&A with me, done by Ira Boudway at Bloomberg Businessweek.

A straight-up review, quite positive, from Fortune.com.

A Q&A focusing on the Steve Jobs–Edwin Land parallel, at Wired.com.

A slideshow at Time.com.

There’s a profile of book and author at the Independent (UK).

A post from the XX blog at Slate, and a slideshow drawn from the book in the Slate Book Review.

A teaser in Popular Photography (review to come in a few days, according to the post).

Cult of Mac has a little to say about the Apple connection.

Petapixel, the photography site, runs with the story of Polaroid v. Kodak, from the Wired story linked above.

And two from Gizmodo: picking up the post that The Atlantic ran earlier in the week, and adding a substantial book excerpt.

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  1. admin says:

    Whoops–yes, that one went up Friday afternoon. Thanks for the reminder.

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