Photo-transformation, June 13, 1974, by Lucas Samaras.
Photo: © Lucas Samaras/Courtesy of The Pace Gallery

New York magazine (my day-into-evening job) has done a beautiful spread about the fine-arts portion of INSTANT (my night job). See the online version here. I’m especially pleased to have featured Marie Cosindas in there, a Polaroid photographer of long standing who is not quite as widely known as the others these days, and ought to be.

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  1. Bill Warriner says:

    If memory serves, the negative base for Type 55 P/N that Ansel loved so much was supplied by Kodak and was Panatomic-X, the finest-grain emulsion Kodak made, rated at a super-slow 25 ASA; and I think Dr Land’s crew accelerated the speed, and now I’m wondering if I’m nuts and the memory service is lousy.

  2. admin says:

    On his New55 site, Bob Crowley says that Type 55 was built around “a material called SO139 which was similar to Pan-X and produced by Kodak.” He doesn’t say so, but I suspect it was probably coated on a thinner acetate base.

    Pan-X was still available when I learned to shoot 35-mm. film as a kid–it had been bumped up to ASA 32 by then. SUPER-fine-grain. You could enlarge as big as your darkroom would allow (which in my case was 8×10, because the entire counter was 30 inches long, and I didn’t have room for bigger trays).

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