Canada has a knack for offering good things slightly before the United States does (universal health care, women’s suffrage, Catherine O’Hara). And now INSTANT: here’s a lovely story in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national paper of record.  Pleasant interview, a reporter named Kate Taylor who took time to double-check the complex bits (and thus has them right), and a stylebook that still requires “Mr” before names in arts stories, a convention that’s softened even at the New York Times. Couldn’t ask for a nicer introduction to the Great White North.

2 Responses to Canadians Like Us; We Like Canadians

  1. Bill Warriner says:

    What a delicious item to add to Saturday’s breakfast on a Labor Day weekend. Kate Taylor’s preview is insightful and civilized, and her backstory about the Whitney exhibit is something I did not know about the genesis of your project, Mr. Bonanos. It made me smile to read how she corrects you: “ ‘…and by that time [Mr.] Land was gone,’ Mr. Bonanos says.”
    I think I may change my own stylebook back to that civilized standard. (May I call you “Chris,” Mr. Bonanos?)

    • admin says:

      I’m used to being addressed “Hey, you,” or occasionally “Yeah, you, buddy” so I’ll take “Mister” when it’s offered. Thanks for the boosts, as always, Bill!

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