From Library Journal: not the biggest audience in the world, but a solid trade publication, and god knows I have nothing but good things to say about career librarians. (No link to the review itself available; it’s subscription-only, like most trade pubs.) Reviewer Susan Hurst calls INSTANT “a quick and interesting read,” adding that it includes “some photos, though not nearly enough.” (Can’t say I entirely disagree, but of course she wasn’t the one writing the checks.) And the final verdict: “A well-written book that will bring back fond memories of instant photography for many readers. Recommended.” Who could ask for more?

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  1. Bill Warriner says:

    Seems like this calls for a bottle of wine tonight for you, but I wish she had included a phrase like “historical perspective” (I don’t subscribe, maybe she did.) Congrats Chris. Number one and counting.

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