Was in Chelsea Market last weekend (for you off-islanders, it’s a big food hall on the West Side of Manhattan, with great vendors of fish, baked goods, produce, ice cream, and the like, as well as some other shops) and stopped by a sale of small designers’ clothes and jewelry. One of them, a T-shirt company called Urban Cricket, caught my eye, for the usual reason (pictured).

Note that the drawing puts the camera, a Model 430, inside the white frame of a Polaroid photo. (You’ll see in a moment why I bring this up. I know, the film formats don’t match, but really, who cares.)

I had my everyday pack-film camera—a Model 180, which looks a lot like the one on the shirt—on my shoulder, so I photographed the vendor and gave her the photo. And a few days later, I ran across this Instagram photo, also appearing on the company’s Facebook page:

…which, if you parse it out, is a digital photo, filtered by an app that makes pictures look like old Polaroids, of a Polaroid photo of a silkscreened drawing of a Polaroid camera that appears in a Polaroid border. [That thunk you just heard was my head against the desk.]

The shirt’s $32. I bought one.

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