From (as the Car Talk guys say) the Shameless Commerce division: I’ve added a Buy the Book link on this page, over at the right side. Preorders welcome! Official release is October 3.

I’m also excited about the two endorsements on the book jacket, which also appear on the Amazon page. I am extremely grateful to these two gents for the kind words:

“Edwin Land was one of Steve Jobs’s first heroes, and this book shows why. He created a startup in a garage that grew into a company that stood at the intersection of creativity and technology. This is a fascinating saga, both inspiring and cautionary, about innovation and visionary leadership.”

—Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

“When I was little, long before personal computers, let alone Instagram-enabled digital camera-phones, Arthur C. Clarke wrote that advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. By far the most uncanny, sexy, insanely great piece of technological magic in our household was my parents’ Polaroid. Chris Bonanos’ smart, thoughtful, charming chronicle of that iconic invention and its remarkable inventor is a delight.”

—Kurt Andersen, author of True Believers and Heyday, host of public radio’s Studio 360

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