Just back from a visit with Eelco Wolf, a longtime Polaroid marketing executive who later served as head of the Magnum photo agency. He’s got a photo on his desk that made me laugh and gasp, all at once, when I saw it. Here’s a cameraphone snap:

Fidel, con Polaroid. (Click to enlarge.)

There’s a mystery here, though: Who took this picture? Eelco is researching it, and can’t figure it out. Obviously someone brought an SX-70 to Cuba in the early seventies, presumably on a diplomatic trip, but the trail ends there. There’s a signature, but it’s hard to read (looks like “Grodebart,” maybe?). There’s also an agency stamp on the back, reading ” Copyright / National Photographic Society / All rights reserved / Not for publication / Negative no.” It’s missing both year and negative number.

So, anyone who comes across this and can offer clues: Name that photographer! Nominees in the comments, please.

Update: Found him! Read this followup post.

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