Miranda Kerr, by Douglas Perret.

Self-explanatory slideshow on British Vogue’s Website here, by the casting director Douglas Perret.  These are a few years old, and several of the models have since added “super-” to their job descriptions. (He’s publishing a book of these photos called Wild Things.) Looks like Spectra film rather than Instax.

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2 Responses to Instant Moment: Models Without Makeup, On Polaroid Film

  1. Alyne says:

    Polaroid > Spectra / Image, ISO 640 > SX 70I’m not sure where you got that information from; but you are enrorcict. Spectra/Image cameras take Spectra (North America, consumer)/Image (Europe, consumer)/990 (Professional)/1200 (12 shots/cartridge, consumer) film, not SX-70.SX-70 cameras take SX-70/Time Zero film (discontinued since 2006, occasionally available on eBay for egregious prices; its ISO is around 75 or 100, if I’m remembering correctly), the currently-available Artistic Time Zero (available at Polapremium.com), as well as 600 and 779 (you have to use either a neutral density filter of some king on the film pack, or you have to do a camera modification to compensate for its fast speed).

  2. Adebola says:

    – Hi Neil,Just seen these after reading the Polaroid erhtad from the forum.I love them mate, you have a great eye for documentary work, and added to this the action you’ve placed on them have taken me back to my childhood in the early 70 s.Especially love 4, 8, 9, 16, 19 and 25Great stuff .David

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