We’ve already discussed the gold Polaroid camera … how about silver?

Ben High is an L.A. photographer and Pola-fan who, not long ago, moved to Iowa and set up shop as a jewelry-maker. As his Website says, “The first super fun thing I’ve been working on is, of course, related to photography. I built this Polaroid SX-70 in sterling silver.”

Often when you see little charms of made to mimic familiar objects like this, they have a slightly slumped and distorted quality to them. This one, by contrast, is precise, with clean sharp corners and a very high level of attention to detail. (The proportions of the ring around the electronic eye are exactly right, as are the creases in the bellows. And you can tell that it’s the original model rather than the Alpha, because he’s left off the strap lugs.) He charges $75, which frankly does not sound like very much for this level of craft. Site is here; his e-mail address, rendered to foil the spambots, is benjaminhigh [–AT–] gmail [–DOT–] com.


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3 Responses to A New SX-70, With Neck Strap

  1. Rj Lenz says:

    Hi- Any suggestions as to where one gets an SX 70 repaired? I have a pristine one but with a stuck focus wheel. What do I do? Rj Lenz. lenzrj1@aol.com

  2. Jos Ridderhof says:

    can you send it to Holland

    • admin says:

      (Note from admin: The comment above comes from the camera-repair specialists at The Impossible Project, in Enschede, the Netherlands.)

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