Sam Yanes, the longtime corporate-communications chief at Polaroid, reminded me yesterday that Christopher Plummer—who on Sunday finally got his Oscar, becoming the oldest actor ever to win one—did Polaroid commercials. Here he is, in 1980, teasing the Sonar SX-70:

This polished 30-second spot is somewhat similar to the introductory SX-70 ad that Laurence Olivier made in 1972, which broke the great-actors-don’t-do-commercials taboo.

I know from my research that Olivier’s agent, after his first year’s worth of ads, got wise to his client’s worth and begin progressively raising his rates. So I have to wonder: Did Plummer get the call after Olivier got too expensive?

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  1. Adailton says:

    , “I don’t think I’ve ever had as good a time playing a role, anhwyere I found it so touching and funny and charming and innocent. A man whose whole life has changed into the upper register of ecstasy since he’s discovered he can be free is very moving.”

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