I don’t know any Mandarin, and cannot tell you what is on Weilin Wang’s new site, located here. But I do know it’s a fan site devoted to instant photography, and (as I’ve written before) anything that keeps people shooting instant film is on the side of the angels. And you know what marketing types always say about selling in China: Given a billion-plus people, if everybody buys just one of your product…

Is it just me, or does the character he uses for “instant photography,” reproduced in the logo above, look a little like a camera ejecting a photo? And the two little strokes on the sides even give you the whirring-motor sound effect.



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2 Responses to Polaroid in the PRC

  1. Rahofa says:

    I think I agree with you, Kim. The white borders look weird on this orbkgacund but it doesn’t bother me if I only have one photo in a post. When it’s multiples, I find it distracting. Yesterday’s post is a good example of that, I think.

  2. Weilin Wang says:

    Hi Christopher, thx for introducing my site. If it’s ok, I’d like to do a short interview by email about your book and you. Lots of instant photography fans are looking forward to your book.

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