The actor Adam Goldberg—probably best known for playing a cranky composer in (Untitled), though he’s also in Saving Private Ryan and the memorable The Hebrew Hammer, and directed I Love Your Work—is a serious photographer as well. He photoblogs, too, posting regularly here, and he shoots lots of Polaroid and Impossible film. A lot of the recent postings beautifully document a road trip through the Southwest with his violinist girlfriend, Roxanne Daner, and four Polaroid cameras (as well as a bunch of conventional film gear). Roxanne’s own blog is here, and she’s really good, too. One of Goldberg’s recent photos:

By Adam Goldberg, via his Tumblr page (link appears above).

Even his headshot on IMDB (a) is a photo on peel-apart Polaroid film, probably the Sepia stuff that Impossible has sold, and (b) shows him wielding a Polaroid Big Shot camera. Sheesh–these two are in almost as deep as I am.

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