Yes, there was a 24-karat-gold-plated SX-70.

It's shiny.

A little silly, but if you’re into Polaroid, completely within bounds; this is a cult object, and cults like their icons precious. (I wouldn’t put it past Apple to produce a platinum iPad someday, either.) The Land List calls it a “(very) limited edition,” though how limited I don’t know.

They show up on eBay once in awhile, and draw premium prices. One buyer’s story here. Another owner shows off his camera on YouTube here.


Polaroid tried it again when the Spectra line came around in the eighties. Cartier edition, with gold and a sapphire on top, here.

It's even shinier.

Four were made. Somehow this seems even sillier to me, because that camera wasn’t even meant to be metal-plated, and its internals weren’t: gemstones against gray plastic is just weird. But it’s nice that someone cared.

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