Photo by Elsa Dorfman.

Elsa Dorfman is a Cambridge photographer who works almost exclusively with the 20×24, and has done so since 1980. She does a steady business taking quirky family portraits, as well a variety of other work (here’s a gallery of her many portraits of  Allen Ginsberg). Lots on her Website here, including a film where she describes her process, and a great big feature on her work on Wired’s site today.

The story broadly hints that the 20×24 camera’s days are numbered, which I suspect isn’t as likely as it sounds here. When the film and paper stock begins to run out, I’m pretty confident that John Reuter (who runs the 20×24 Studio), along with Dorfman and the rest of this tiny crowd of enthusiasts, will figure out a way to get more made. Yes, it’ll cost a fortune, but nobody wants to see those cameras go dark for good.

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