I must admit that, when I found out the other day that there’s another Polaroid book coming out this year—from the sister company of my own book’s publisher, no less—I briefly freaked out. Once I calmed down, I discovered that it is a very different project—a complement, not a competitor, to mine. (It even appears to include some stuff I wanted to have in my book and couldn’t. The tyranny of hitting your word count.) So: thumbs-up, and whew.

Instant Love (no relation to Jami Attenberg’s excellent novel, by the way) is an instructional volume, devoted to getting the most out of your instant camera, using the range of film and equipment that we diehards have available to us today. It looks to me extremely accessible—the sort of book that both gear-obsessed photographers and scrapbooking kids will find helpful.  More about it here, from co-author Susannah Conway; Amazon link to buy here. More about it once the pub date rolls around in May.

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2 Responses to ‘Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories With Polaroids’

  1. yep, definitely a complement not a competitor! To my mind the world needs more books about Polaroid – let’s hope we’re starting a trend 😉

  2. Ester says:

    I have a few packages of 600 film in the bmenaset. My problem now is what to use it on? These could be the last 20 polariods in the world! I also have a package of the really old polaroid peel and wipe B&W film, but the wipey stuff is all dried up. Anyone know what that stuff was made of?

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