As digital photography becomes ubiquitous, analog photography becomes special, used at times when pixels just can’t do the job. And what’s more special than this loony-looking, wonderful project?





It’s a camera, now under construction by the photographer Dennis Manarchy, that shoots black-and-white negatives six feet high and four and a half feet across, carried in its own semi trailer. It’s a quixotic thing to be building in this era, but then good photographers are often quixotic people, and god knows most of them are seriously into their gear. This, I think it’s fair to say, takes that a step further. Possibly several steps. Why on earth build it? Because IT’S TOO COOL NOT TO.

Much more about it here. (Thanks to Bill Warriner for the link.)

Of course, Polaroid aficionados know all about giant-film photography, including one camera that makes photos even bigger than this one … I’ll be posting much more about that later in the week.

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