I’ve written before about the powerful resonances between Steve Jobs’s Apple and Edwin Land’s Polaroid. You can read that story here, in the New York Times. But shortly after that op-ed ran, I found two photos that just startled me.

Here’s Land at a shareholders’ meeting, probably the one at which he introduced the SX-70 in 1972. (This is a screengrab from a film, but I believe the original photo is by Bill Warriner.)



Here’s Jobs, introducing the iPad in 2010. (Photo by Matt Buchanan, via Flickr.)




I mean, really. Same pose! Same Saarinen table! (Only the wardrobe differs: old New England vs. new California.) Uncanny.

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5 Responses to Steve Jobs and Edwin Land

  1. Richard mcdonough says:

    Two enormous figures though Land was the kinder genius. Land!stable is perfect, Jobs’s looks malproportioned. Knockoffs in high places?

    • Marci says:

      This is a very cool collection. I have a nuembr of vintage cameras (not displayed properly) but old movie cameras and projectors would be very difficult to find. I remember family birthday parties in the 60s with very bright lights on mouse ears off the camera. After cake we would settle in to watch films of past holidays together.On my blog I link to a post about collections. It would be grat to have you join in.

  2. Homepage says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More: polaroidland.net/2012/01/20/steve-jobs-and-edwin-land/ […]…

  3. Luizinho says:

    Woah, what a GORGEOUS collection! I’m aalyws tempted to scoop up vintage cameras, but I have too many collections going! But I’ll check out the resources in your post when I find myself unable to resist any longer

  4. […] Bonanos factors out in his ebook, Instant: The Story of Polaroid, and confirms with published photos, the Ikea-like small however trendy tables that Land and Jobs each used on their respective levels […]

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